“I am an investigative coach and will take my time to work with what your tissue is giving me.”

Mary is a Renew Movement Master Coach. Mary is a multi-sport athlete with a background in Kinesiology/Exercise Science. She has a knack for always being in predicaments that have resulted in a diverse knowledge of athlete recovery methodologies. She currently coaches athletes at many ages and stages of life.  Mary has a deep interest in constantly growing in the knowledge of the human body and sharing her knowledge in a way that focuses on helping others to see their full potential. In addition to being a Renew Movement™ Master Coach, Mary is certified in FMT Blades, an LM1 CrossFit Trainer with additional certifications in gymnastics, aerobic capacity and weightlifting.

  • Hobbies: Running, CF, yoga, and coaching. Mary is an Olympic weightlifter, casual CrossFitter, Youth Sports Performance Coach, wannabe triathlete, and passionate Dog Mom to a beautiful beagle girl, Rosie.
  • Favorite Ailments to Treat: I love it all. The way the body works up and down the fascial lines and muscular chains fascinates me and at the end of the day I believe that our whole cultural society can benefit from practicing more fascial stretch. I’ve seen it work for others. I’ve felt the difference for me. And I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to join more people on their quest for pain-free lifestyles. I will say that I relate best to athletes or those with an athlete mentality.
  • A Little Something About Me: I had a scholarship to attend Eastman School of Music in High School to refine my jazz Saxophone techniques.
  • Favorite Music: Metallica, show tunes, classical, Sara Bareilles, 21 Pilots – I appreciate most music but it depends on what I’m doing at the time for what I prefer.

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