“We are all athletes of our own life. We can all treat our life with the same approach as a professional athlete. Recognizing our 'mundane' activities as equally important to our life as training for a marathon, my approach focuses on every aspect of your daily life.”

Jim is a Renew Movement™ Master Coach. Jim received his NYS License in Massage Therapy in 1992 and now works solely in the Renew Movement™ technique. Jim has a bachelor degree in Jazz Performance and Pedagogy and 20+ year relationship with Zen Buddhism.

  • Hobbies: Trail-Runner and Musician… both are passions of mine. As a guitarist, I have performed in much of the U.S.A. I have also performed in India and Europe and 10 months aboard a cruise ship. Currently playing the upright bass in a 1940-50’s style big band as well as electric bass in a Grateful Dead tribute band.
  • Favorite Ailments to Treat: Repetitive Motion! As a musician, I can relate to any work (or play) related tendonitis, carpal tunnel, fasciitis.
  • A Little Something About Me:
    Once, a beetle crawled into my ear while I slept… and bit my eardrum. #%&@&$#!
  • Favorite Music: Favorite? Wait… hold my beer.

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